diasend® provides a complete technical solution for transmitting, storing and monitoring patients’ glucose readings and insulin doses.


Simple and effective communication

diasend® believe that simple and effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients is essential for good management. This conviction guides all their development work.

Easy uploading

diasend® enhances the communication between healthcare providers and patients. This means easy uploading from glucose meters, insulin pumps and CGM.  At information will be presented in a clear and structured way through graphs, tables and statistics.

What is diasend® Clinic?

diasend® offers health care providers an online solution that collects and stores all their diabetes patients’ data centrally, without worrying about any software installation. No matter if the device uses a cable, is wireless, uses infrared or is a mobile app, all uploaded information will immediately be shown online in a secure account. All data from multiple devices will be consolidated and presented in one report.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

On which operating systems can I use diasend Uploader?

Uploader is compatible with both PC (including Windows 8.1) and Mac.

What devices are currently supported by diasend Uploader?

Go to, click on the “Support” tab for an updated list of compatible devices.

We have more than one diabetes patient in our household. Do they each need to be registered separately?

Yes. Each patient will need to be registered under a unique email address, password, and serial numbers for their devices in order to keep the records separated.

What do I do if I need to change computers?

Since diasend® is web-based, you will have access to your data on any computer with an Internet connection. What you need to do is to install diasend® Uploader again. You will be able to download it from your diasend® account (Tab: Tools).

Can data be exported?

Yes, you can export glucose, CGM readings and insulin pump data to a downloadable Excel file.

How to purchase

If you would like more information on Diasend please contact us.

For Health Care Professionals

This section contains information specially for Health Care Professionals such as clinical papers, order forms and checklists.

Name of PDF Description of what the PDF is about *Health fund forms may not be up to date. AMSL Diabetes is no liable for the use of these forms and customers should consult their health funds for further information.

Clinic ID


Region Clinic Clinic ID
Auckland Starship 17-53911
Waikato Waikato Diabetes Service 00-04278
Canterbury Canterbury DHB 75-00674
Otago Otago Paediatric Diabetes Service 01-36409
Otago Otago Adult Diabetes Service 42-82991
Waitemata Waitemata DHB 15-06044


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