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Carry-On Bag

Keep your supplies with you when you travel. The Carry-On-Bag is made of Cordura® nylon. The non-slip 5cm shoulder strap and top handle make it easy to carry. The convenient front pocket is the perfect spot for tickets and other important papers.

pump pack

Pump Pack

PUMP-Pak™, designed to hold insulin pump supplies, is made of black Cordura® nylon with a sturdy top handle. The fully insulated PUMP-Pak zips completely around. See-through pockets hold pump supplies in designated areas. Keep one in your car and one in your family emergency kit.


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RotatingClip_withPump_on_body_DE_5455 (1)

Rotating Clip

Designed to be used with Animas 2020, Animas Vibe and Animas IR1200 series pump. It can be clipped onto a belt or clothing and rotates 180 degrees for an easier viewing of the pump screen.


Catridge Cap


 Replacement cartridge cap in case you lose or break the one that comes with the pumpSuitable for Animas® Vibe® Insulin Pump only. Colour is black only.

Animas Vibe Battery Cap

Battery cap


Battery caps must be changed every 6 months – more often if you swim a lot or work in a dusty environment. It’s important to have an extra battery cap as a backup! If your consumables are funded by Pharmac you should include one on every second script. Suitable for Animas® Vibe® Insulin Pump only.

Animas Vine lens protector film kit

Lens Protection Film


A lens film helps protect the insulin pump screen from minor scratches caused by daily wear and tear. The kit includes 3 lens films, squeegee and spray plus step-by-step instructions on how to apply to the pump screen. (Pack of 3)


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Animas Vibe

Animas® Vibe® Insulin Pump Skins


Protect your pump. Skins are made of thick, flexible rubber which helps protect the pump against the bumps and bruises of daily living. Fits the Animas® Vibe® Insulin Pump.

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Leather Case for Animas® Vibe® Insulin Pump


With its built-in clip, the leather case allows you to wear your pump on your belt or waistband. For Animas® Vibe® Insulin Pump only.

clip n go


You can clip your insulin pump to your waistband so you can decide where the pump is most comfortable. The interlocking clip holds the pump securely in place. Made of water resistant nylon with a soft cotton lining. Comes in black only.

bra band

Bra Band

The Bra Band is for any size woman (A cup or bigger). It allows you to attach your pump right behind the center of your bra horizontally. It is made from a soft 3.8cm wide elastic Velcro. It holds pump securely to the center of your bra without slipping. Bolus right through your bra without taking pump out.

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bra pocket

Bra Pocket

The Bra Pocket™ is for women who want to wear the pump, hassle-free. Works great with everyday fashions, even fancy parties! Made of soft velour and finished with a satin ribbon, each Bra Pocket comes with one sew-on and two stick-on pieces of Velcro®. The Velcro helps keep the pocket securely in place.

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Animas® Waist-it


The Waist-It™ fits securely under clothing. Made from very soft velour and elastic straps that Velcro® securely around the waist. Great for exercising or under an un-tucked shirt. The Waist-It™ won’t bounce around. Works with all tubing lengths. Adult straps are 3.8cm wide. Children’s straps are 2.5cm wide.

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sleep eze


SleepEze™ holds your insulin pump while you’re sleeping. Pin the soft velour SleepEze to the inside or outside elastic on your underwear, boxers or PJs and slip your pump into the small pocket.

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Thigh clip

Animas® Thigh-Thing


The Thigh-Thing™ is designed for short skirts, dresses or shorts. The garter grip lets you secure your pump to your pantyhose or underwear. Made of nylon/spandex, the Thigh-Thing is designed so it won’t lose its shape. The detachable garter grip is included so you can secure it in any position you want. Works with all tubing lengths.

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Animas Sport Pak

Animas® Sport Pak


Designed for all activities, the Sport-Pak™ is worn around your waist and ensures your tubing stays low and secure. The pack fits against your body without bouncing around. Made of neoprene, it has a zippered compartment to hold your pump supplies. The adjustable straps fit around the waist of most children and adults.

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TAG line wipe with 2% chlorhexidine

Antiseptic wipe containing isopropyl alcohol to clean the insertion site – with chlorhexidine to provide longer antibacterial action.

  • Box of 50
leg thing


The Leg-Thing™ is designed to fit on your calf like the top of a sock. It can be worn discreetly under pants or a long dress. The specially designed pocket holds your insulin pump with a Velcro® closure.


Antiseptic I.V Prep wipe with adhesive

IV-Prep wipes contain isopropyl alcohol to clean the site and a special adhesive to help the sites stick better.

  • 50 wipes

UNI-SOLVE Adhesive Remover – wipe

Uni-Solve Adhesive Remover is formulated to reduce adhesive trauma to the skin by thoroughly dissolving dressing tape adhesives.

  • 50 wipes

Battery, AA 1.5V lithium

2 pack


Diasend Wireless Download Cable


Wireless download cable that allows data to be uploaded from your Animas® Vibe or Animas® 2020 onto the Diasend web-based software. Suitable for use with PC and Mac. Compatible with Windows 8.


Animas® Low Profile Clip


If you want your pump to be discreet… the Low Profile Clip is the answer. The Low Profile Clip slides onto the back of your pump in the groove between the battery cap and cartridge cap.


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