Dexcom unveils update for Dexcom G6 App with New and Improved Features

We are thrilled to bring you an update to the Dexcom G6 app! Designed to improve the user’s experience, this update (v1.9.0) affects all customers who are using Dexcom G6 CGM.

The 1.9.0 update allows you, as a Dexcom G6 customer, to access a number of new and improved features, such as:

  1. An increase in the number of Followers; from 5 to 10 (that is, the number of individuals who can follow a Dexcom user’s real-time glucose information)*
  2. Siri Integration to enable voice activation to hear CGM readings
  3. New display preferences such as new watch face complication option for newer Apple watches and updated iOS swipe to dismiss Alert messaging and timing
  4. Greater app cohesion by showing the Dexcom CLARITY app icon on landscape view, enabling a quick and easy way to access the Dexcom CLARITY app

Additionally, this update also features a new safety feature for Android users – the Android ‘Do Not Disturb’ Permission. The Do Not Disturb phone setting controls whether you hear noises like test messages, app notifications and phone calls. Granting this permission for the Dexcom G6 app ensures your glucose alerts can sound even if you put your phone in the most restrictive Do Not Disturb setting.

Individual’s using Dexcom G6 on their compatible Android device will need to allow this permission to continue using the Dexcom G6 app for Android.

For more information or any questions you may have, please contact our NZMS Diabetes 24/7 Technical Support team at diabetes@nzms.co.nz Alternatively, you can also contact your local NZMS Diabetes representative for further help.

*Separate Follow App required.

Dexcom unveils update for Dexcom G6 App with New and Improved Features

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