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Cartridge removal tool


t:case pump case

This t:case is a plastic case with stainless steel clip that provides flexibility to wear the case vertically, horizontally or without a clip at all. The case was designed like a cell phone case so that you can perform all the day-to-day functions like viewing your screen, accessing the Wake button, changing a cartridge, and charging your pump all without taking it out of the case!

For instructions and helpful tips on how to use the t:case, please click here. 

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t:slim car power USB adaptor

The Car Power USB Adapter is designed to work with the USB cable so you can charge your t:slim X2™ Insulin Pump in the car.


t:slim pump screen protector (2/pack)

Protect your pump with Tandem screen protectors.  Includes 2 screen protectors.


t:slim USB cable

The 1.80m cable allows you to charge your t:slim X2™Insulin Pump wherever and whenever you want, and to transfer data to the t:connect® Diabetes Management Software, our web-based Mac and PC-compatible therapy management system.

Do you want to leave a cable at home, one in the car, or one at the office? Charge your pump from anywhere with extra cables and USB power adapters.


t:slim USB door replacement (2 pack)

The USB plug is designed to protect the Micro-USB Port on the t:slim X2™. Insulin Pumps. 2 per package.


t:slim wall power USB adaptor

The USB Power Adapter is designed to work with the USB Cable (1.80m) for Tandem Insulin Pumps and folds for easy storage.


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