‘Questions to ask yourself’

  1. Would you like to see an improvement in your HbA1c?
  2. Do the times you eat, sleep or exercise vary from day to day?
  3. Does better day-to-day blood glucose control vs. multiple daily injections sound good?
  4. Does your blood glucose “jump around” more than you’d like?
  5. Would you like to decrease severe low blood glucose episodes?
  6. Do you like the idea of having fewer injections (changing the infusion set every 2 to 3 days vs. multiple injections per day)?
  7. Would you like to adjust your insulin for exercise or corrections instead of having to snack?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, using an insulin pump may be right for you. Talk to your healthcare professional for further advice.


Animas user photos are for illustration purposes only. All patients are Animas pumpers but may be using products not available in all countries.

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